CW Sportsmen’s Grill Menu

Enjoy complementary appetizers with purchase of a beverage
every Monday – Friday from 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Steak Bites Marsala -- $9.00

Tender steak pieces sauteed with fresh mushrooms and home-made marsala sauce

CW Wings -- $7.00

Choice of traditional or fried. BBQ, Asian, Hot, or Plain -- 8 wings.

Escargot -- $8.00

Sauteed in white wine and garlic butter, served with mushroom caps with garlic toast rounds.

Crab Crostini -- $9.00

Garlic toast rounds topped with Alfredo sauce, crab meat, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese then baked.

Chicken Tenders -- $7.00

Four hand-breaded chicken breast tenders, fried to a golden brown.

Conch Fritters -- $8.00

Diced conch meat folded in a fluffy batter and fried.

Calamari -- $7.00

Planks of calamari sauteed with onion, tomatoes, white wine, and garlic butter.

Shrimp Cocktail

Gulf shrimp, cooked and chilled served with house-made cocktail sauce.

  • 1/4 pound$6.00
  • 1/2 pound$9.00

Conch Chowder -- $4.00

French Onion -- $5.00

Homemade Chili -- $4.00

Traverse City -- $9.00

Romaine lettuce topped with dried cherries, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, and red onion served with raspberry vinaigrette

  • Add grilled chicken$2.00

Caesar -- $9.00

Romaine lettuce topped with our home-made Caesar dressing and Parmesan cheese

  • Add grilled chicken$2.00
  • Add shrimp$5.00

Chef Salad -- $9.00

Fresh mixed greens topped with ham, turkey, American and Swiss cheese, tomatoes, onions, and hard-boiled eggs served with your choice of dressing.

Caribbean -- $9.00

Romaine lettuce topped with red onion, cherry tomatoes, Colby-Jack cheese, and out house-made pineapple salsa

  • Add grilled chicken$2.00
  • Add shrimp$5.00

Dinners are served with a cup of soup or house salad, your choice of French fries, coleslaw, rice pilaf, potato of the day, mashed potato, garlic butter pasta or fresh vegetable of the day. Add sauteed mushrooms or onions for $1.

Ribeye -- $18.00

A 12oz. ribeye seasoned and char-grilled to the temperature of your choice.

Surf & Turf -- $21.00

Our 10oz. sirloin with 1/4 pound gulf shrimp.


Crab Cakes -- $18.00

Maryland crab meat and panko bread crumbs seasoned and grilled to a golden brown.

Cavatappi Alfredo -- $11.00

Cavatappi noodles tossed with house-made Alfredo sauce.

  • Add pan-fried chicken$3.00
  • Add 1/4 pound gulf shrimp$5.00

Salmon -- $17.00

Boneless skinless filet prepared char-grilled

  • Duvall (baked with alfredo sauce, Parmesan, and crab meat$19.00

Sirloin -- $17.00

A traditional 10oz. lean cut of beef.

Bourbon Street Chicken -- $14.00

Blackened boneless, skinless chicken breasts topped with house-made pineapple salsa.

Bourbon Street Tilapia -- $14.00

Filet of fresh blackened tilapia topped with house-made pineapple salsa.

Mahi Mahi -- $16.00

Filet of fresh mahi prepared char-grilled.

  • Bourbon Street$17.00


1/2 pound of Gulf shrimp.

  • Deep-Fried$14.00
  • Scampi$15.00

European Perch -- $16.00

Lightly breaded perch fried to a golden brown.

Stuffed Cabbage -- $11.00

Two cabbage rolls filled with seasoned ground beef and coated in a light tomato sauce.

Spaghetti -- $10.00

Spaghetti noodles topped with house-made Bolognese sauce.

Fish and Chips -- $11.00

Filet of tilapia hand-battered and deep-fried.

Chicken Marsala -- $15.00

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts sauteed with fresh mushrooms and marsala wine.

Chicken Kabobs -- $13.75

Two skewers of marinated chicken with mushrooms, peppers, and pineapple.

Rib Kabobs -- $9.00

Tender pork battered, fried, and brushed with house BBQ sauce.

Chicken Parmesan -- $15.00

Breaded chicken breast topped with Bolognese and broiled with mozzarella cheese.

Pizza -- $11.00

Large pizza features out family's homemade dough and sauce recipes, topped with a four-cheese blend.

  • Additional toppings available$1.50

Add French fries to any burger or sandwich for $1.50

The CW Burger -- $8.00

1/2 pound ground round char-broiled to your liking on a toasted bun with lettuce, onion, and tomato.

  • Add cheese and bacon$1.00

Quesadilla -- $8.00

A 10-inch quesadilla with melted Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese.

  • Add chicken$2.00
  • Add shrimp$3.00

Rueben -- $9.00

Shaved corned beef and Swiss with a layer of sauerkraut and Russian dressing between two slices of toasted marble rye.

Club Sandwich -- $9.00

A toasted triple decker sandwich with baked ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Choice of turkey, or chicken blackened, or grilled.

Chipotle Tacos -- $8.00

Blackened or flat grilled tilapia or chicken in a flour tortilla with lettuce, tomato, Colby Jack cheese and chipotle ranch. 2 tacos.

Fish Sandwich -- $9.00

Battered and fried tilapia served on a hoagie bun.

Tiramisu -- $5.00

Key Lime Cheesecake -- $5.00

Cheesecake and Strawberries -- $5.00

Chocolate Cake -- $5.00

Ice Cream Sundae -- $5.00

Special Offers

Banquets & Parties

Have a party of 25 or more?

We can accommodate you! CW Sportsmen’s Grill offers a fantastic banquet service for parties with up to 100 guests. We cater to functions of every variety, including; wedding showers, graduation parties, birthday celebrations, retirements, memorial luncheons, class reunions, and more.

Need more room?

The Orlando Familia Banquet Center may be just what you’re looking for. We can accommodate between 100-350 guests. Contact us for more information.

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